Sunday, December 13, 2009

A WEEKEND WITH NO BOYS....(except for the one I'm growing inside me!) This is something I know I will come to treasure as the years go on. Sadly though this weekend with the pleasure of no boys came the pain of not being able to spend time with Matt's family and celebrate sweet Ella's 2nd birthday. But I know Matt took a ton of fabulous pictures so I'll get a little slice of the fun when he gets home.

I had hoped to accomplish loads this weekend and as I started doing various things I realized I do this much every week, what was I thinking? I should be resting a bit. Alas I did get almost all my Christmas gifts made which I can't wait to share pics of them but I can't of course until after Christmas or people will know what they're getting.

I also got the last project for Cohen's room underway and it will be finished on Monday (thanks in advance dad for the help)!!!!!!!! I cleaned, did laundry, got my office/guest room put back together and yes I did rest a little and enjoyed a small glass of wine last night with my friend Erin. So I have a few hours left before the boys get home and I'm torn between doing a few more projects and just taking a shower and relaxing....In my perfect world I'd have time for both so I guess I should stop typing and get busy so I can get everything I can done before they get home!

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wilderlamb said...

I'm glad you and Erin got to hang out. Sorry I didn't come over-we only have one working car right now so I was having to stay around so Josh could run errands in in the truck.