Saturday, June 20, 2009

Okay here's a quick baby update. I had a dr. appt this week and we got to see are little 2 cm baby happy as can be. I am anxiously awaiting the end of this trimester for reasons we all know so I have an appointment to check the heart beat on July 15 then the following we I see the specialist to check baby out in full, then the last week of July (I'll be about 15 weeks) I'll get the circlage put in and hopefully have a happy healthy pregnancy free of any bed rest from then on. That's my plan :o) We'll see how that goes. Oh and I'm do January 23rd but if happens as it did last time, the circlage will come out December 23rd and we could have our little one before the end of the year....For now, here's are little maple.....

Oh and just a little interesting side note. When I had this sono done, my doc. saw something weird. It's one of two things but the funny thing is, it's weird looking and if it's not what she thinks it is then it's something she's never seen before. It appears (from a different angle) that I either have two sacs meaning we might of had twins to begin with or it's just a freak thing. With my medical history I vote the specialist will confirm it's a freak thing but maybe not, maybe for a brief moment there were Maples twins....scary.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Year Down & the Next One is Going to be CRAZY!!! Today our sweet Dealey turns 2! It's hard to believe it's been two years. He such a boy now not a baby anymore that's for sure. We have full on conversations sometimes about very weird things and he is constantly amazing us with how much he's learned. He can count to 13 really well and 15 on a good day. I hope that we can continue to enjoy every day with our little guy as we prepare to welcome another Maples into our family! So far Dealey doesn't seem to care too much but he likes to point at my stomach and say baby so I'm working with him when he does that to encourage him to kiss the baby and hug the baby. He's a very tender child and if he loves his little brother or sister as much as he loves on his cars and his bear then we'll be in good shape. I know it's going to be a big year in our house and I hope that Dealey will continue to feel loved and inspired as we welcome baby #2.

We had a party on Sunday for the D man and it was a blast it was so overwhelming and encouraging to see so many people gather to celebrate his life and say we love you. So a huge thanks to everyone for making time for our family. We had several people who traveled hours to spend time with us and we hope they know how loved that makes us feel and how much we appreciate them. I've never seen so many cars in my life. The original plan was to have a "Cars" party but when we were at the store Dealey wanted the Mickey stuff so it became a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party instead. He loved his presents and so far at each holiday he's seemed to have a favorite. Last year it was a walk and ride McQueen car and this year it was Mater the tow truck from the movie "Cars" it's all I can do to pry it away from him at night!

It's been a crazy month so far and I have so many post I need to write. Our Boston trip was amazing and of course Matt took some 500 pictures. So I promise to write soon about our trip and share a small sampling of what he took. Now if I can get through my birthday Saturday, yikes I'm turning 30, then I think we might make it through June! More baby post to come as well!

Sunday, June 07, 2009