Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 months old!  So I see a pattern of only one post a month.  I wonder what will happen after Cohen turns one and I stop doing the monthly pics?! Well, my little man is awesome he's 10 months old today a chatter box when he wants to be and a human garbage disposal doesn't even seem to quite describe his food consumption.  Glad to have a good eater but man.  I think a Sam's or Cosco membership is in the near future for sure. Cohen is coasting around furniture with confidence and we're all taking bets on when he'll walk, my parents think Thanksgiving, but I'm think Christmas.  I'm sure he'll do something in between just to spite us all.  I didn't realize until I put the picture in how much his hair had grown and though it doesn't look it he has grown he just won't sit up straight.  Enjoy!  only 2 months until the big 1 year old, I can't wait for the party!