Thursday, April 23, 2009

okay okay, so I haven't been a good blogger's been busy, juggling being a mom, wife, graphic designer and wine enthusiast! Sigh, but I think after some changes and a little perspective I've got it back to a manageable state. While selling wine is a fascinating industry and I love so many parts of it, the time demand on me was more than I could bare to give, my first 3 jobs keep me busy enough. So tomorrow is my last day in the engulfing world of wine but I've decided the only thing I'll really miss are the sweet people I got to work with.

Other than too much work, nothing much is going on in our world, Dealey just gets bigger by the day and amazes us with his intelligence and wit. He continues to be the light in a sometimes dark world and reminds us on a daily basis how fortunate we really are. I don't think it's to big of a secret to many of you that Matt and I have been in a dark, frustrating and sometimes dismal place in our marriage for some time but I'm optimistic yet guarded about deciding to be a part of an amazing ministry at our new church called RE:ENGAGE. It's a six month commitment we've made to help put in place the ground work that will help us reconnect, restore and reignite our marriage.

But enough of the crap part of life and back to Dealey. Here's some great pics of our sweet little guy over the past few months. I can't believe he'll be 2 so soon!