Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

OMG! I love singing. I wanted to update about my previous post. I have sang the last two Sundays at church. The first time was scary but really great. However, today was awesome. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I'll get Matty to take a picture some Sunday so I can post it. I feel it's a huge step for me in many ways because there are so many things I'm scared to do because of failing at them and singing was on that list. But I definitely have a renewed sense of hope when I think about my "things I'm too scared to do but have to do someday" list.

Have you put yourself out there lately? You just might surprise yourself!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today was an AMAZING day! We welcomed Ethan Douglas Brown into this crazy world. Thea had an awesome labor. Well, as awesome as it can be. Yesterday at her dr. appt. she was at a 3 but feeling good. This morning about 4 am she started having contractions. They went to the hospital this morning about 10ish and after admission they checked her out and she was a 7! They got her in fast and hooked up. She had Ethan after only 30 mins of pushing at 2:02.
Welcome Ethan, we are so excited you're here. I know your mom and dad are too. Now the fun begins! You came out throwing peace signs, we knew you were going to be a cool kid!
Here's some sweet pics of Ethan of course there will be more in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

where's dealey?

oh, there he is!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

FEELING PUNCHY : Craftiness has seemed to ooze out of my mind lately I recently did another little project that actually turned out pretty cool. It was really easy. I got a butterfly punch and attacked scraps of paper and old crate & barrel magazines for cool textures and colors. Then using raised sticks I put them on this frame folding the edges up to give them some dimension. Friends keep asking where the idea came from and I'm not sure I know I saw it somewhere, wish it was my idea but it wasn't. I have a few other "punch" projects in the works and in my mind and will share when I see how they turn out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 MONTHS & all smiles : Dealey turned 10 months today and I am so excited we are approaching that beautiful 1 year mark! I think it's as much a celebration for the parents than anything. I mean Dealey doesn't care at least not yet, he might care when we set that big chocolate cup cake in front of him! We are planning the party and invites will be going out in a few weeks!

So if you saw last month you know D just wasn't too happy on his 9 month bday. He's much happier this month although we are pretty sure this week has been full of a growth spurt as if he needed that and teething (always a fun thing) He's talking more and more and has a new friend. We named him Roary after a friends toy we just thought it was such a cute name. Don't worry even though Hank (the monkey) has been quite lately he's been out and about with the D man he's just having a self image complex or something right now and won't let us photograph him....monkeys, can't live with them? can't live without them?

Anyways, how cute is D his hair is getting so curly in the back you can see it wisping out on the sides. He's totally on the move and will walk pushing stuff now too fun, we got some great video of him laughing so I'll post that in a few days!

After I got done taking his picture he was like "I'm out of here this thing can't hold me any longer. I WILL NOT be a slave to the bumbo!" Okay so he wasn't that forceful about it but he was very intent on getting out and it took only a matter of seconds and he was off with Roary in tow.....

But then he remembered it was 4:00 and we drop all things for Happy Hour! So my big boy set up on the couch by me and enjoyed his drink....wish it was my happy hour....oh well, maybe tomorrow....

Monday, April 14, 2008

more blocks! I finished some more blocks last week for our nephew Ethan that's due any day. I meant to take a picture of them hanging in the nursery too, but I'll have to do that later because yes, I forgot. Oh well, they turned out great, even better than the first ones! I'll shortly have a new set started for Dealey's room and then I have 3 request for blocks from a few of Matt's co-workers and his mom so I'll be doing blocks for the foreseeable future! Too fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Old Friends : New Memories
I have always felt very fortunate that I have stayed in contact with so many of my childhood friends. Relationships just don't usually last that long it seems but it's obvious we all really cared about each other and that's why we make efforts through all the craziness of life to get together and create new memories together now as wives, mom's & career woman! I can't wait to think about this in 20 years and see that my great friends in my life now are still some of my closest friends.

This picture is from a few weekends ago, some of the girls from my club league. Some of us started playing together when we were 10 and everyone had joined by the time we were 13. This isn't the whole team, but it's almost half and I think that's an amazing thing!

Here's to old friends, new friends, life long friends.......................

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I had to blog about this very crazy moment in my life. Today after a long time of wanting to, I auditioned to sing on stage at our church. Our church is non-traditional and we have a full band for worship, so uh, yeah I'm going to be a total rock star! As a teenager I was full of confidence and had no problem getting on stage and singing in front of people but as an adult self consciousness rules my world.

But I did it! I auditioned and he (jeff) loved it and I'll be singing with the band in 2 weeks! I'm terrified and excited all in one breath, but the best part about it is that I'll get the chance to sing with my friend Andi before she moves to Cali. She is my biggest cheerleader when it came to singing. So Thanks Andi, for helping me believe I could do it...

Friday, April 04, 2008

I love this picture, Dealey's big blue eyes, he's clapping happy hands and most of all my white mixing bowl on his head! I've lost almost all my mixing bowls and most of my tupper ware to play time....oh well, I love the "baby legs" too these are my favorite the skulls crack me up, Matty says they're "gay legs" but whatever they're just darn cute and hello functional with all the concrete floors we have they protect and keep him warm on the hard cold floor....