Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today was an AMAZING day! We welcomed Ethan Douglas Brown into this crazy world. Thea had an awesome labor. Well, as awesome as it can be. Yesterday at her dr. appt. she was at a 3 but feeling good. This morning about 4 am she started having contractions. They went to the hospital this morning about 10ish and after admission they checked her out and she was a 7! They got her in fast and hooked up. She had Ethan after only 30 mins of pushing at 2:02.
Welcome Ethan, we are so excited you're here. I know your mom and dad are too. Now the fun begins! You came out throwing peace signs, we knew you were going to be a cool kid!
Here's some sweet pics of Ethan of course there will be more in the days, weeks, months and years to come!


Shealynn Benner said...

Awwww! He is so cute!!!

patti said...

welcome ethan you picked one of my favorite days in the and g share a birthday...I think that means you'll be good buddies!

great pictures...he is so handsome!

Aron & Suz said...

welcome, ethan! can't wait to meet you. thea, you look awesome and i already told rachel i'm *slightly* jealous of your dream labor!! what a huge blessing though. :) great pics here, love the peace sign and the one of you, auntie rachel. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a beautiful baby.