Monday, March 22, 2010

because I can't get my undies dirty.....
This is what Dealey said to my mom when she found him taking his underwear off in the backyard.  I grabbed the camera and well the pictures speak for themselves.  He's a strange kid, a strange strange kid.

PS. I asked what he was doing in the 3rd pictures, he said, "raking"...I said, "okay".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I learned about this outsider art festival in Alabama called Doo-Nanny on one of my favorite sites Design Public. Has anyone ever heard of this? It sounds like a blast. Anyway, I don’t understand exactly what it is, but it sounds fun and I love outsider art. I wish I had the time to travel around to all these crazy cool art shows...maybe someday my boys will do it with me without attitude or dirty looks. I can dream can't I?

Here's what they had to say:

A truly unique experience!….a casserole of southern folk art, home cookin, homemade movies, camping, foot-stompin music, experimental architecture, guessing, oddities, unusual characters, a movie festival, surprises, cracker ingenuity, experiential transomism, and much more!… Folks coming in from NY, TX, CA, and beyond beyond…

Begun as a roadside folk art show in 1996, the Doo-Nanny is now located on a beautiful 80 acre farm in Seale, AL, near Columbus, Ga, and includes a wacky “lo-fi” film festival, fun food, and and eclectic assortment of music and activities.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 months and he hasn't missed a meal yet... I just got back from C's 2 month check up and all is well. It was quickly obvious that he has not missed a meal although I could have told the dr. that she didn't need to weigh him to find that out. He weighed in at 12 lbs 5 oz which is an over 4 lb gain from his one month check up and puts him in the 75%. He has grown 2 3/4 inches in the last month coming in at 22 3/4" and just about average for his age. His head is 16 1/4" and 90% yes, we have large headed children. You know it has to be large to hold all those brains!

Everything looks good a little cradle cap but nothing too serious and he's a little flat on the right side of his head but not too bad we just need to try to get him to look left more. Maybe I'll just have D stand on his left side and scream at him he seems to actually enjoy the loud noises that come out of Dealey....Mommy doesn't so much.

Here's his two month bumbo! You can see how much he's grown. It's a good thing they don't do a percentage on feet, he'd be of the charts! Also my new favorite pic of C, his first big gummy smile!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

oh so wordless wednesday!