Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wordless wednesday : oh! funny boy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

saying goodbye...i had to say goodbye this morning to my dear friend Christine she's headed back to new york with her sweet little girl eva. we so enjoyed their company the last few days and i was very sad to say goodbye. i feel like though i have a new perspective on life after her short stay here and have learned some new thoughts to keep in mind while dealing with each day. first off whenever things aren't what i thought they would be i just need to say to myself "it is what it is" there's nothing i can do about D having a bad day or being sick i just need to find the best way to cope and work through it and not get so down about the fact that it's not the schedule or the norm. probably much easier said than done but i'm determined to make it a way of life, after all on the subject of life it is what it is and the only thing i can do is try to help the situations i can help realize that there are many many things out of our control and reach and those things will be what they are. again a tough concept to first embrace i think but i again am determined to make it a way of life and mind. so first things first i know my life isn't as happy as it could be, matt and i aren't as close as we could be and those things I can help. Matt and i have to find time to work on us and i need to take steps to correct what it is that makes me unhappy in life be it work or home and in actuality there are things in both of those areas i've got to deal with and regain some control of ultimately regaining control of happiness in my life. if you've read this far thanks for listening to me ramble on about my life maybe it struck a cord in you maybe like me you too like to control your life and need to realize that sometimes it just is what it is and it's not control you need you just need to cope and move on. so to those of you feeling my words, i raise my glass and say here's to dealing with what is and helping what can be helped. here's to happiness and the pursuit of it. I'll keep you posted on my endeavours.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wedding fun. we went to a wedding this last weekend and dealey and weddings has proved to be an odd mix and this one was no different my dad ended up spending the majority of the time in the lobby walking around with dealey. poor little guy just can't sit still to save his life or so we thought. He did sit still long enough this past Sunday to get his face painted at a festival our church put on but at the wedding it just wasn't happening. I do have to give props to the couple getting married they made it a very child friendly wedding more so than any other I've ever been to. They passed out coloring pictures and crayons in little baggies as we went into the worship center which was totally cool, he did color for all of 5 minutes maybe. Then at the reception they had chicken tenders and french fries for the kids to eat which was awesome! I don't know about you guys but I've never been to a wedding that had such accommodations for kids. Of course dealey was the cutest kid there in his brown cargo's and argyle sweater (thank you Rana). Here's a few pics of our sweet boy and we got a video of him dancing on the dance floor at the reception I'll try to get that posted later this week but if I don't just know it was too cute and pretty funny,

Monday, November 10, 2008

halloween...okay okay I know it's way past halloween time but it's been hard to find time to pull the pics off the camera so much so that now I have 3 post worth of pictures on there :o) Halloween was great D really got into it and carried his bucket the whole time and loved that when he went to someones house they gave him something. When we go for walks now he still expects it and trys to walk up to peoples house. We have the boy who fears nothing. So here are some fun pics from that night. Once we got home it was a fun game of dump the bucket over D's head and then pick it all up. We finally decided to let him have a little candy and he loved it, of course. Enjoy our little monkey, we sure do.