Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have to say there is nothing cuter than baby feet, I know I can't wait to see Dealey's tiny little feet and just think about all the amazing places those feet will tread, around New York City and the beaches of Long Island, the Vineyards of upstate New York and the streets of Little Italy in Boston and with his friend Mags in Chicago and Colin on the beautiful California beaches and who knows were else. He'll definitely be taking long strolls on the streets of Vancouver & Whistler Canada when we go on shoots with Daddy! So with all these amazing thoughts in my mind I was so excited to get the coolest gift from Matt, he got it on his first trip to Vancouver, our little sapling will look so cute in these huh?!

On a different note I just want to give a quick update after my appointment today. Dealey is still doing amazing he's a trooper poor thing being cooped up in my messed up body. The circlage surgery is finally scheduled and is a few days later than I thought, but it's okay, it's scheduled for the 18th and I can't wait. But then in an unexpected turn, at least unexpected to me, she wanted blood work and some other stuff I won't go in to detail about they are testing me to see if I have preclampsie so after all this waiting and scare of the circlage it would really suck for it to end this way. It will all be okay and I'm just happy that Dealey is so strong and healthy so no matter what my crazy body decides to do we can take comfort in knowing born now or a month from now D will be happy and healthy! I now have appointments weekly and another sonogram with the specialist next week, so I'll definitely keep everybody posted! Hugs & Skittles....

Monday, May 21, 2007


I just had to show off our rocking chair (or "rockin' chair" as Matt keeps calling it) for D's room! The rocking chair is one my parents bought 30 years ago when they were preparing for my brother's arrival. My mom stripped the old (and very dated) finish off and we stained the dark espresso to match the crib my dad built for D. I found this fabric over a year ago and loved it for all it's quarkiness (imagine that :o) but didn't know what to use it for. I was so excited to find it matched D's bedding. We just picked it up today from the upholstery place! I love it, it makes my heart ache to get moved to NY so I can finally set D's room up for the first time and see it all come together!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, today went just as I expected. Dr. Reinhart graduated me which is great for the situation and for the financial aspect of it! He said D looked absolutely perfect in every way and is growing like crazy. He weighed in at a well above average 4lb 8oz! If I were to carry to 40 weeks I could possibly be delivering an 8lb 8oz baby....the thought of that makes me clinch my legs together in pain! But hopefully, in 4 weeks when the circlage comes out because he's on the bigger side gravity will aid in Dealey coming a few weeks early as they expect him too. I am still on bed rest mostly just to make sure I get to 36 weeks without any problems but also for my every climbing blood pressure. So I'm hoping to move around a little more than I have been just watching those numbers to make sure they don't creep up too high.

I'm feeling excited though nothing about this pregnancy has been what I or the doctors expected which is great. I'm so happy that it looks like we've made it through this, not without some big sacrifices but of course Matt and I always knew it was worth any sacrifice to have this dream come true. But we are definitely ready to be together again and get moved and settled in the greatest city ever, NY! Here's a picture of our big 'ol baby he's got his fist up by his forehead and he's blowing a bubble! I feel like his movements are warning me we've got quite a character on our hands, but hey what else would I expect considering D's daddy?!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Okay well as promised here's a prego pic of me....of course I don't do tight clothes so you can't see my belly as well as you might like....Matt may get to stay a night in a couple of weeks as he passes back through Dallas on the way to NY if he does I'll get him to take some more artistic shots in something tighter or maybe in a button down shirt that I can open some to show the belly....I am completely horrified that I'm putting this up for the world to see but whatever.

But before I post the pic a quick update....this week I have what will probably be my last appointment with the specialist as I am sure my cervix will look fine and D will look amazing. So be sure to check back I hope to have a new and probably the last sono pic of D and updates on weight and length. D has continued to get more and more active especially at night, I'm hoping that means he's going to be a night owl like his mom and dad and enjoy sleeping in in the mornings but who knows. I have started to have a lot more painless contractions and braxton hicks contractions but with no sort of regularity except that it's usually at night time and early morning it's exciting and scary as hell to think we're only weeks away...the list of things I still need to get and do is crazy and I'm desperately trying to get myself organized while my mind can still function on some normal level.

So I'm sure by now your like okay already shut up and show us the pic....fine here you go....

Friday, May 11, 2007


I received my first mother's day card ever on today and it brought tears to my eyes. For so many years I never thought I'd get the joy of celebrating Mother's Day I've always hated the holiday and usually just hid away from the public eye on that day wishing I could just sleep through it thinking about my friends that had kids and loving and hating them all in the same breath. I never understood why God chose to bless so many people around me and just, I don't know forgot about me. I still don't understand why the years of pain were necessary, but I am so amazingly glad those years are over. Words cannot express the joy Matt and I feel inside about all the amazing changes to come in the next several weeks. Yeah for Mother's Day it's no longer the worst holiday in the world!

And on that note, I want to wish all my beautiful friends who are wonderful moms and amazing moms-to-be a wonderful and joy filled Mother's Day. I love you guys!

P.S. Sunday I'm getting to escape briefly for a lunch with my brother and his wife and my parents and I'm going to have my dad take some pictures of me an my pregnant belly if by some random miracle one of them turns out good I'll be shocking you all with the first and only full prego shot of Rachel, so be sure to check back Monday!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well, another two weeks has gone by and so I got to have a little visit with Dr. Speight. Dealey is growing really well, I'm still not gaining any weight which is nice but I didn't lose any this time, just stayed the same....The only new news is that my blood pressure is creeping up and up. I'm already on bed rest so if it gets too crazy Dr. Speight said she'd have me in the hospital so fast. So I'm relaxing and resting which is needed anyways since I picked up some crazy sickness from somewhere....But I'm feeling good otherwise and Dealey is still perfect! I have another sonogram in two weeks which if everything looks good it will be my last! It's bittersweet thought, I'm totally spoiled getting to see him every two weeks, but I know no more sono's means that we're getting close and circlage has done everything it was supposed to do and more. The house stuff I mentioned in the last post is still moving forward and I'm so excited I can't stand it. I can just see us making amazing memories in our new NY home with a balcony that stares at the Manhattan skyline. I can tell you there will be many glasses of wine drank on that balcony!!!! Here's a few new pics from NY one my sweetness Matt and the statue of liberty in the background and two just very cool ones taken on one of his ferry rides out to Staten Island! Love, Hugs & Skittles to everyone......