Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well, today went just as I expected. Dr. Reinhart graduated me which is great for the situation and for the financial aspect of it! He said D looked absolutely perfect in every way and is growing like crazy. He weighed in at a well above average 4lb 8oz! If I were to carry to 40 weeks I could possibly be delivering an 8lb 8oz baby....the thought of that makes me clinch my legs together in pain! But hopefully, in 4 weeks when the circlage comes out because he's on the bigger side gravity will aid in Dealey coming a few weeks early as they expect him too. I am still on bed rest mostly just to make sure I get to 36 weeks without any problems but also for my every climbing blood pressure. So I'm hoping to move around a little more than I have been just watching those numbers to make sure they don't creep up too high.

I'm feeling excited though nothing about this pregnancy has been what I or the doctors expected which is great. I'm so happy that it looks like we've made it through this, not without some big sacrifices but of course Matt and I always knew it was worth any sacrifice to have this dream come true. But we are definitely ready to be together again and get moved and settled in the greatest city ever, NY! Here's a picture of our big 'ol baby he's got his fist up by his forehead and he's blowing a bubble! I feel like his movements are warning me we've got quite a character on our hands, but hey what else would I expect considering D's daddy?!


The Benners said...

HOW *FANTASTIC*!!!! Congrats girlfriend! :) Happy happy happy! Now must go! Have a 5 years olds birthday to plan! So happy for you!!! :) He is a big boy, which is good. :)

Dave and Gloria said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! We are so excited that everything is going well...We are continually praying that things go smoothly for you guys!


Aron & Suz said...

Wonderful news. He'll be here before you know it and all these days will just be one big blur. NYC here we come!