Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cohen is 3 months old today!  I can't believe how this time has flown by, I love that it has but it doesn't feel like it's been 3 months.  Co is very active always moving around in your arms looking at the world and trying to take it all in.  Really I think he's trying to figure out where that loud noise is coming from.  I point him towards Dealey and he smirks a bit.  He's so much more smiley and social than D was at this age which is kind of fun.  He's realizing he's going to have to speak and speak loudly to be heard over his big brother.  He loves sitting up on the couch and watching D run around like the crazy person he is and while tummy time is still a source of frustration for him, we keep trying and he'll indulge me for a few minutes at a time. I keep telling him he doesn't want a funky head but he doesn't listen. Hum, I don't think will be changing any time soon!  In D's 3 month pictures he was about to jump out of the chair and Co is just hanging out I hope this is a sign he's going to be one laid back little kid...I like it! 

It's funny I feel like I can't talk about Co unless I talk about D too, don't want to forget the first born or leave him out!  So in true Dealey fashion, he's at it again!  This time he came out and asked me to take a picture...oh my Jesus, what a kid he is.....