Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wedding fun. we went to a wedding this last weekend and dealey and weddings has proved to be an odd mix and this one was no different my dad ended up spending the majority of the time in the lobby walking around with dealey. poor little guy just can't sit still to save his life or so we thought. He did sit still long enough this past Sunday to get his face painted at a festival our church put on but at the wedding it just wasn't happening. I do have to give props to the couple getting married they made it a very child friendly wedding more so than any other I've ever been to. They passed out coloring pictures and crayons in little baggies as we went into the worship center which was totally cool, he did color for all of 5 minutes maybe. Then at the reception they had chicken tenders and french fries for the kids to eat which was awesome! I don't know about you guys but I've never been to a wedding that had such accommodations for kids. Of course dealey was the cutest kid there in his brown cargo's and argyle sweater (thank you Rana). Here's a few pics of our sweet boy and we got a video of him dancing on the dance floor at the reception I'll try to get that posted later this week but if I don't just know it was too cute and pretty funny,

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Shealynn Benner said...

so adorable!! And, I love how the couple thought ahead and made it more kid friendly. Such a great idea! :)