Tuesday, December 15, 2009

IT'S DONE! Cohen's room is done and I love it so much I can't wait for him to be here and be able to start spending time in that room playing with him and Dealey. So here's a few pictures! I guess technically it won't be 100% done until he's here because we have some big picture frames to put some amazing pics that I know Allison will be taking of C & D and maybe a family pic who knows. In the 4th picture you can see the two frames sitting out in the hallway. One is going to go over the crib just to the left of the awesome molding shelf in picture 1. The other is going to hang just off center above the changing table.

Before I show the pics though I want to thank everyone who helped me pull this room together I couldn't have done it without each of you! My sweet friends, Erin, Nicole, Lynsi & Allison helped me paint the room and get things started. Nicole helped me dye the sheets and put one of the best features of the room up, the guitar graphic. My parents helped most of all though, my mom painted the closet, helped me paint the bed and cut and sew the curtains. My dad built new drawers for the changing table that I later painted the gold color. My dad also helped me measure and get the closet preped for hanging new rods and getting the bookshelf in there. And yesterday he spent many hours trying to figure out the stupid crown molding I just had to have as the top shelf of my little molding project. So it's easy to see that there is NO WAY I could have gotten it done without my friends and family!


The McKays said...

love it so much, too! that guitar graphic is amazing. you must tell me where you got it. aron would love it! i like your choice of colors, too. xoxo

wilderlamb said...

It looks awesome and I can't wait to help with the next project!

eleventhirtysix images said...

I *love* it! I totally dig being manual labor and helping hands for someone with such a vision! I'm kinda hoping the 'vision' stuff is contagious.