Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SNEAK PEEK! Okay so today my sweet friend Nicole came and help me put one of the most important pieces of Cohen's room up, the guitar graphic. I mean who needs a bed when you have the coolest guitar graphic on your wall just above the coolest zebra print ottoman? Lucky kid. So I thought I'd give a little sneak peek of C's room. Sorry about the flash, I'll have Matt take some good pictures of the room once I get the last little art project done and the curtains hung on the window. You can however see a bit of the curtains in the picture we got the pair that went over the closet hung this weekend.

Also I lost the camera a month or so ago at my baby shower so I had a few fun pictures to share off it and thought why not throw them into this post rather randomly! So here's a picture of the yummy food at the shower. And while I'm on the subject of the shower I just want to thank everyone again it really was a special day. While I did get to have two showers when I was pregnant with Dealey they were stressful and awkward as I had already been put on bed rest and had to have them at our little loft which was fun, but tight and it was hard too that we couldn't register for some fun stuff because we had to think of how little space we would have once in NY. So thank you to everyone who made this day so special for me....

This last picture...Well, who can argue that there is any better place to watch "Meet The Robinsons" than lounging in a laundry basket? I asked him if he wanted a pillow and he said "no thank you mommy" and he watched almost the entire movie from this spot getting in and out a few times, I guess to stretch his legs?!

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wilderlamb said...

So cute! I remember sitting in a laundry basket when I was little-why is that so amusing?