Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A SORT OF "HOLY CRAP" MOMENT....I had my monthly check up with the doc today and Cohen of course is doing great. I'm measuring about a week ahead right now which is fine. After the routine stuff the doc. and I were chatting about life and Austin and a host of other random things when she said, " do you realize you're only 10 weeks from when you had Dealey?" I'm sorry, what did you say...10 weeks? I know that's 2 1/2 months but when you say 10 weeks that seem so fast. So it just reminded me that I need to stick to my "to do" list and keep my projects on schedule so if that were to happen I'd be ready. I was thinking yes to Christmas cards this year but I think I should use the baby excuse and go ahead and cut myself some slack on that one after all we'll be sending out birth announcements sort of at the holidays so I'm thinking that will have to count this year.....man time has flown by.

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wilderlamb said...

Seriously. Give yourself a break! Not Christmas cards! We all understand! Can't wait to come over and help you with Cohen's room!