Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BEST FRIENDS....I went in to see if Dealey was awake this afternoon and he was laying in his bed singing so I put a few clean clothes up and then laid down next to him on the bed and he leaned over and got right in my face and said, "Your my best friend." My heart melted, I don't know where he heard that phrase but after some rough times with him the last few days it made it all better. I told him he was my best friend too, he replied, " thank you mommy."

He has such a sweet heart, most of the time, and it makes me wonder if his recent attitude issues have anything to do with Cohen, we've been doing lots of stuff for Cohen and we talk about him a lot. I think too that every 2 year old is bi-polar to some extent and well, that would explain a lot.


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Gloria said...

I love it! And yes, every two year old is bipolar. I bet it would make Dealey's day to go on a date with Mommy. David arranged for one when I was pregnant with Norah and Aliza talked about it for weeks. We just walked around a mall (sans stroller!) and got ice cream.