Monday, September 28, 2009

A BIG BOY MOMENT...Well, we did it, we switched Dealey over to a big boy bed and moved all his toys into his room. I feel a bit insane for doing it but it was something we wanted to do well before Cohen gets here so we just took as big a step as we were asking Dealey to do and did it.

My parents kept him Sunday morning through his nap time and we switched everything over. He came and we told him we had a surprise for him in his room. He ran back there opened the door and was giddy with excitement. I thought he'd be excited about the bed, but no, what he was really excited about was the train set that he got for his birthday and we had put it back for this transition. About 30 minutes later he finally noticed the bed ad jumped in it. He seemed excited but I remained terrified of the night before us. We spent a bit longer just hanging in his room, he discovered how to turn his lamp on and off which I thought " this can't be good" but oh well.

So night time came and when we first went to bed he wasn't too excited so we told him we'd watch one show and then go to bed. He seemed agreeable so we watched a little Phineas & Ferb and then he said to us, time for night night. So Matt took him back there and he laid down and was we thought. A few minutes later we turned on the monitor and we heard, ca-ching, slam, ca-ching, slam. He was playing with this cash register he got as a gift a while back. We laughed and thought, at least he's not crying. I looked down the hallway and he had turned on his lamp :o) smart right, he needed to see to play. We decided to give him 30 minutes or so and about half way through it got quite but we decided to wait a while. We went in about 30 minutes later, he had turned his lamp off, changed the noise on his sound machine and fallen fast asleep on his pillow on the floor. So Matt picked him up and put him in bed and we all went to sleep. He did fall out once during the night but climbed back in bed and went back to sleep.

So altogether it was a pretty good night, better than I expected I think but as tonight as come upon us it's been a challenge to get him down so I'm just trying to remind myself that he'll adjust, he always does and we were definitely smart to do this months before Cohen will be here and it will be second nature to him by then. Tomorrow is our first nap time in the bed, not sure how that's going to go but we'll see!


eleventhirtysix images said...


I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Seriously. Every time you do something, it's better than everything before... you blow me away, friend.

Chad and Megan said...

I love it too!! It looks great and that last picture of him is priceless!! :)

p.s. you are much more brave than me I think Ella will be 17 and still sleeping in her crib

Christian and Erin said...

I absolutely love the room. You are so right, he will adjust and he will love it!

wilderlamb said...

I love it! The room looks awesome and I love his face in the picture with the lamp!

Jason, Patty and Eliana Grace said...

We are about to go through the same thing. We had Eliana's mattress on the floor with the crib bars around it and she still climbed out. That was about a month ago...we are lazy and haven't changed it. She hasn't climbed out again, but we usually find her naked.