Wednesday, April 04, 2007


That's right I've got a growing baby inside me! Can you guys believe it? I think it still shocks me from time to time. Like I said in the previous post D's an active little guy which is fun I can't help buy cry sometimes when I feel him kick late at night it's like he's telling me hey mom, I'm coming!

My doctors appointments went pretty good today D weighed in at a beautiful 2 lbs 3 oz he gained almost a pound in two weeks! I lost a pound and I told him if we could keep that up for another 30 lbs that would be great! Just kidding, however I am very happy that I've done so well at not gaining weight I haven't really been trying not too, it just happened that way. I've only gained 1 lb so far how great is that!? Anyways the doctors said he looked perfect and all doctors involved are so pleased that I've made it to the 25 going on 26 week mark. Dr. Speight did tell me I needed to go back to strict bed rest because it is important we get to the 30 week mark. So that's a little disheartening but I know she knows what's best for me and D.

Overall I am feeling pretty great, I just know this baby was meant to be a part of all our lives and he's proved that to some doubting doctors that 6 weeks ago feared the worst! It's hard to not have my Matty here but I'm so excited about his new job in NYC and what the future holds for me and D because of Matt's hard work and amazing talents. D and I are going to rule NYC!


The Benners said...

Rach! That is so *great*! Unfortunate that you have to be on strict bed rest, but, it's only for a short time! Before you know it, you'll be holding little Dealey in your arms! :)
Glad to hear that you're in good spirits, and feeling good.
I am *so* jealous that you haven't gained ANY WEIGHT! *Lucky*. Me? LOL! Gained 60lbs. with Angelina and 40 w/Zoe! YUK*KO!

Aron & Suz said...

Hooray! I'm just giddy with excitement right now and so thankful that you are both doing so well. Huge praise that he is gaining weight; i love that. I'm so glad, too, that you have loved Dr. Speight's care...she is amazing and i feel good knowing that you are in the best hands possible. CANNOT wait to join you and D in NYC for a little weekend later this year.

patti said...

That is great! I must apologize for not being in when do you need a visitor to keep you on that strict bed rest? I was going to say I could bring some Chuy's but that just might not be your favorite right now...let me know. love-patti