Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I know it's been a while since I wrote and updated and I can't use the excuse I've been busy God knows bed rest is nothing close to busy! I just didn't have much to update on and I still don't have much but wanted to say that it looks like Matt's found a room in NY living with 2 girls and another guy! It's exciting because Matt's anxious to be concentrating on his work so now he'll hopefully have a couple of down months before he has to start looking for a home for the three of us & before Dealey comes! I have 2 dr. appointments tomorrow and am anxious as always to hear everything is going well. D has definitely increased his daily calisthenics in amount and strength, which is fun I do love feeling him kick and the cat seems to enjoy a little belly time these days she just stares at my stomach I think wondering what the crap is going on in there!

So watch for an update late tomorrow or Thursday on how baby D is doing and what my time line is looking like!

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