Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BABY D & me

Well this has to be the most exciting update I've written so far. Baby D is doing awesome he gained another 6 oz weighing in at 2 lbs 9 oz which is great he's around the 68th percentile for weight which is good news if he decides to come early. However on that note my cervix is still holding strong and I don't have to go back to the specialist for a month! So after that appointment if everything still looks good then Dr. Reinhart will release me from his care! How great is that, it makes me feel so good that all this bed rest (which I'm still on until further notice from Dr. Speight) and being away from Matt is paying off in such a wonderful way. This news couldn't have come at a better time emotionally, Matt and I are both struggling missing each other like crazy. Thanks to everybody for your prayers over the last two months I'd say they've definitely been answered!


The Benners said...

Wow!! That is so ummm, *GREAT*!!! Congrats GIRLFRIEND! ;) Can I call you that? lol. We are blog girlfriends, right. hehe. SO SO glad that the Lord is blessing you abundantly! How many weeks are you now? I am totally lame at keeping up.
Zoe turned {6 months old} yesterday!!! Can YOU believe it???? I can honestly say... I can not. LOL. Where did all that time go? Here I am with my hands up going.... *May* is coming already? Angelina will be 5!! I will be 26!! Good grief! :)
So, any new tv shows on during the day that you are enjoying?
Watch the *new* show Drive? That show is pretty darn *cool*. :)

Ok, now I am just pathetically running my mouth! Talk to you soon! :)

Aron & Suz said...

R--I'm thrilled to hear this! So, so wonderful. :) D is staying strong and healthy.

Dave and Gloria said...

Grow Dealey Grow!

That's so awesome!!

patti said...

Hey. so so glad we got to see you guys last night. What a treat! That bed rest is really working!!

Ok, don't hesitate to call...I mean it! hugs- patti

Tammy A. said...

Awesome! Baby D is getting ready. Are you ready? The pic of you holding Aliza looks so great. you are in the "glowing" stage. You look fabulous!