Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's your role? This is a question I've been struggling with for a few years now, definitely more so since Dealey came along. But honestly I feel like it's something I've struggled with for a good portion of my adult life. It's nice when your a kid, your role is, to be a kid. But when you feel the pressure to take on and be successful at so many roles how do you do it? Some role has to take priority but is it every changing or do you set the priorities and stick to that? So here's what I see as roles I have and one role I'd like to take on (in no specific order other than number one).

1. Mom
2. Wife
3. House Wife
4. Graphic Designer
5. Household Finances
6. Social Coordinator
7. Friend
8. Entrepreneur (this is one I want to add)

So where do you start? And most importantly how can I possibly do all these things well? Better than well, great. Because I don't settle for adequate when it comes to myself.

Where this whole discussion leaves me is confused and frustrated. Should I eliminate some of my roles? How? Which ones? They all seem untouchable except maybe number 8 but it's not one I'm currently doing, it's something I think would make me feel like I'm doing something specifically for me, but then the question is raised, is that selfish? At this stage of life is there anytime to do something that I feel passionate about? What would I have to sacrifice to do it great? Is it worth it?

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