Thursday, September 10, 2009

So it's been a few days since we cut the cake and I found out I'm having another boy... It's been a few days of hard processing made harder by some ugly comments from people but I'm so excited about Cohen and can't wait for him to be here.

Sunday (not even 24 hours after I found out) I regrouped and decided on a color scheme and idea for his room.
I was really frustrated when I first got to the fabric store but after 3 hours (yeah, that's right 3 hours) there it finally started to come together. It's going to be a totally cool Rock room, with a palette of soft grays & some black & white and a few punches of color in blue and gold. I will of course post pictures of the process and the final room. Lots of pieces to pull together but it's going to be awesome!

I mentioned his name in the first paragraph, Cohen, we've decided for sure on that but the middle name maybe isn't decided. Originally we were thinking Anderson but Matt thinks it's kind of a mouth full so I don't know if anyone wants to have input in the naming of our little one, toss the ideas out there!

Dealey started school on Wednesday and it was awesome, I unfortunately had lots to do that day and didn't stop but to each lunch so I was just as exhausted as usual, but tomorrow I'm looking forward to painting one wall in his room and hopefully taking a nap before I have to go pick him up. I have to remind myself sometimes that I'm carrying a package that requires my body to take a break every once in a while so that's my goal to accomplish much but rest even more over the next few months.

Everyone's been asking to see a pic of the cake, my dad caught this one which shows the blue inside...and my big fat arm :o)


Christina said...

"Ugly comments"??? What could people say that was bad when you announce the sex of your child? It's not like it's something you can control?
People amaze me! Even more so the liberty that they take as to what is acceptable to say to a pregnant woman.

wilderlamb said...

I will start thinking about names...

David, Amelia & Jacob said...

I'm so happy for you and Matt! What a glorious gift God has given you guys... again. Two boys, WOW! I can't imagine having two boys, but you're an awesome Mama and you can do it with style, sista!
Don't know what appeals to you, but when you are in the mood, holla at me and we'll do lunch. Hugs, Amelia

Christine Gross said...

I like Cohen Anderson a lot!

Congratulations on your news. Soon you will be going places with your boys. I find it fun to say my girls. And think, you already have plenty of clothing for him!

Sounds like Cohen's room is going to look super cool! Do post pictures.

You look GREAT! Thanks for posting the video.

BE well,


Kim and JD said...

You will be joining the "boys"club...congratulations. Well,I do know how you feel, its hard to think about and yes they
are smelly!! :-) I have to boorow others people's daughters to do girl stuff...LOL
I am very happy for you and Matt, and I love the name.

Jason, Patty and Eliana Grace said...

I love the name, too! I couldn't imagine ugly comments, but I think it is great. A healthy, bouncy, wiggly baby boy! I am glad your pregnancy is going well. This has been a tough week for me too. We would have found out the sex last week. Now, I have 4 friends finding out this week!
Love ya lady!