Tuesday, June 10, 2008

halloween in may : a little spider tale This isn't some great story but here's the deal. I stupidly bought a halloween costume last october not knowing how my kid would grow and I got a 12-18 month. If logic pertained to kids it makes sense he'll only be 16 months in October so surely it would fit right? Well as he grew and we realized at 9 months when he was wearing 12-18 month clothes this was definitely going to be a problem. So I made a mental note that as summer came we were going to have to try it on at some point and get pictures because there is no way he'll be wearing it for halloween.

We were all playing in his room one afternoon and I glanced at his closet and noticed the spider costume, I looked at Matt and told him we should try that on him and take pictures if it fits. It looks so huge on the hanger but in fact it fit him quite well a little baggy in the legs because he's skinny but length wise fit him pretty perfect. Dealey was no amused even a little that we were trying to put him in this strange out fit with parts sticking off of it, but he was a good sport and you'll see, he even at the end of it was still offering the camera his sippy cup.

He did make a cute little spider, now I have to find a new costume. This one is for sale if anyone wants it ($10), only worn once for about 15 minutes!
I wonder size he'll actually be wearing in October, we'll see. My guess 18-24 but I could be wrong as we've already begun to buy and wear that size now granted they're a little big but not by much.
Since I'm writing I'd thought I'd do a little Dealey update while I'm at it. He turns one in just under a week, which is so cool. He currently has 5 teeth on top coming in all at once, it's been a joy :oO. I got him this little play cell phone so he'd leave mine alone (works every once in a while) and he loves to pick it up and he will sit in the floor and have a full on conversation with no one, it cracks me up and of course he's speaking some crazy language so that makes it all the more interesting. He climbs on and over everything. I do think he looks for the toughest route sometimes and choose to take it. He is moments away from walking he's down to holding one hand and is very steady when he is on his feet. He's stood alone a few times when he excitedly grabs a toy with both hands. One thing I'm totally fascinated by is how he has figured things out. How they work how things go in things, the opening of the cell phone and holding it to his ear, grabbing the remote for the tv and pointing it at the tv while pushing multiple buttons at one time. We didn't teach him these things he just...figures them out.

We're having a big birthday party for him this weekend so I'll have lots of pictures to post after that, which will include some shots of our backyard looking so pretty which we are so excited about and the renovated guest bath which looks gorgeous!
Now the spiddy pics!


Aron & Suz said...

he does make a super cute spider! i love this. and i can't wait for the big bash this weekend! a maples party like only the maples can throw. xoxo

hbmom5 said...

That is the cutest spider I have ever seen! : )

Dave and Gloria said...

he makes spiders look cute even though they are despicable little creatures. we are so bummed we're missing the party!! maybe i can get alizabear to say "dealey" for him on the phone. it sounds like "deeyee" but i'm sure she means dealey. ;-)

Shealynn Benner said...

SO CUTE!!! Very cute Spider indeed. :)

Kim and JD said...

I am glad that he at least got to try it on and you got some pictures.... He is too cute !

Chad and Megan said...

LOVE him! Can't wait to see the adorable birthday boy!!!!