Sunday, December 02, 2007

The snow fell in NM last night and we woke to a beautiful powdery white landscape. So I had to take D out and let him touch snow for the first time. He touched a couple of times and decided he didn't love it, I think it was just too cold...I loved the idea of living in NY so much because of the seasons, so I'm so glad we have Angel Fire to bring Deals to so he can experience something some Texas children will never get to have, a true winter and a white Christmas! Our time here has been relaxing (mostly) and I've had a ton of time to think and reflect on all parts of my life. For better or worse I'm glad I got this chance to get away. Here's a few pics from today.


Shealynn Benner said...

Hey girl!

Really glad that you have had time to reflect... in a way at least. Not to mention a time to get away, and SEE SNOW! Woo Hoo! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics, and YOU LOOK FABULOUS! :) You have inspired me to cut my hair short again! haha. I have been reluctant. I am reluctant NO MORE! LOL.
SO cute that D was touching the snow! Love it. Zoe was TEENY last year when it "snowed" here. So, I am hoping and praying that it snows this winter so that A: Zoe can touch it this time and B: I can watch Angelina's glee when she sees all that white stuff!

Enjoy the snow for us!

Kiss Kiss!

Aron & Suz said...

what lovely b&w shots! i agree with shey, you look really beautiful. deals looks so much like you in that first shot, too.

i want to go to NM next time!! :)

Dave and Gloria said...

take me with you! i am so sick of it being 70 degrees here in arkansas. (i say that now, and i'll be cursing the day i said this when i have to wear a coat every day, i'm sure)

it sounds like you are having a great time in nm. dealey looks so happy. you guys take amazing photos. how do you decide which ones to frame? they're all frameworthy!

Chad and Megan said...

I LOVE that picture of the two of you. You guys look great. How do you get him to smile like that?! He is such a happy little guy.

David, Amelia & Jacob said...

God love you, girl. I know it's rough. I'm going through my own personal "hurricane Katrina" that's what I've labeled it. If you decide to run away again, let me know, I'll go too. Love, Amelia

Kim and JD said...

You both look so cute... We have missed your smiling faces at church. Hope to see you soon, we love you !!

PS- thanks for the comment, even though you were only commenting because I wanted comments..hehe !! :)

Brad and Tammy said...

I love the first pic. You two look great!