Sunday, August 19, 2007

We spent a wonderful Saturday in Manhattan. We should have stayed home and unpacked the mountain of boxes we still have but what fun is that? So we packed up and headed to Manhattan for a walk through the farmers market in Union Square where we picked up some yummy snacks to eat once we got to Central Park. When we got to Central Park we landed in a great little area called Cedar Hill where we soaked up the sun, played with D a.k.a. "mr. right" and people watched (one of the most fun things to do in NYC)....So 9 hours later we were back on S.I. where we headed to one of my new favorite places Every Thing Goes Cafe for this cool Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer player but we headed out early because we were both so exhausted....Here's some picks from our day in the city!
When we first got to the park, D was half asleep and was seriously confused about where we were!

But once he figured out there were people he couldn't stop looking around, he didn't want to miss anything!

And then he was ready to pose and be funny. It's been so fun to watch his personality slowly come out, I feel there's more to come but every little bit is just that much more amazing!

Mr. Right is Mr. Cool! Watch out ladies he's going to be a hottie!

Oh and D's new favorite thing, blowing bubbles. Okay not new because he did it in utero but it's so funny to see him discover, he thinks it's so funny!

I couldn't help it Matt kept taking my pictures and you all know how much I love that so I started making faces to make it slightly more tolerable! Until next time.....big hugs and love.

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Shealynn Benner said...

How fun!! I SO LOVE New York!!!! :) Little D looks so cute in his onesie! Love it! ;) Mr. Right. haha. Glad to hear all is well!!