Thursday, August 16, 2007


We had our first dr. visit in NY today D did great considering he was pocked, stretched and stuck with needles :oO. The doctor said he was doing great he's in the 25th percentile on all his stats which she said was good considering were he started. We'll be working hard the next couple of weeks to get him on a more regular schedule which if it works as well as it looks on paper means slightly more restful nights for mom and dad!!!! So here's the update as of August 16, 2007
10lb 15 oz : 22 1/2 inches

He's healthy and growing and for the most part happy if we can get him a little more regular we think we'll get to see a few more smiles from time to time, however I must say it's seems our D is a pretty mellow and serious person, he always looks like he's thinking about something, my guess: " who are these crazy people they've left me with, what wierdos!?" Or maybe he's just wondering when he gets to eat again! Either way we're just happy he's healthy!

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Shealynn Benner said...

WOW! He is getting SO big!! :) almost 11 pounds already?! You GO little man! That's awesome! Glad to hear that everything is going well! Schedules can be a hard thing, but they are SO SO SO wonderful once in place. :) Zoe is down every night between 7:00/7:30 every night and up at 8:00/9:00 every morning. Angelina down at 8:00 and up at 7:30 every morning. I can set my watch by these kids. :) ha ha! Night time = free time! yay! You go Mom and Dad! Doing SO well!