Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I know the title sounds kind of daunting but it's not so bad. We had good appointments today. First off (and most important) Dealey's doing great he's still happy and healthy and I can now feel him punching and kicking me all day long, he's an active little trouble maker. His heart rate was right on track at 153 beats per a minute and they did a once over on him just to check that everything was still on track growth wise. The only good thing about everything that's going on is that we'll get to see and hear Dealey a lot more than most people get to. Today he was feeling photogenic and gave us some sweet shots, once again he was NOT shy at all giving us a good look at his "stuff" so here's a couple of pictures, definitely the highlight of our day!

Isn't he cute! sweet little profile with arms in punching position which he does often, usually around midnight or so. We're hopeful this means he's a night owl like us who likes to sleep late in to the mornings.....

Yeah so there's definitely no doubt it's a boy....huh? And he has a cute little heart shaped baby butt!

Okay so that what's going on with Dealey. I'm doing good, my spirits are high right now, I did have a little bit of a break down this evening but mostly feeling good. My surgery is proving to be a success so far and my chances of carrying to a healthy date are looking brighter. I am still on bed rest and will continue to be on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. The doctor said I have about six weeks until I'll most likely be admitted for the duration of the pregnancy because although the procedure is doing it's job as Dealey grows bigger and stronger my cervic will give and the stitches will no longer be able to hold so they want me in a safe environment so when labor comes it can be as smooth as possible. So what all this information has left us with is so much stress we just want to scream. Do I wait the 6 weeks out here and go in the hospital here where I am surrounded by friends and family? Or if they give me a small window to fly (which is a possibility in a few weeks) do I take that, only to be admitted in to a hospital in a new city with Matt working hard at his new job and no friends or family around? If I stay here Matt won't be here most of that time which will be hard but so would be being alone in New York while Matt works, travels, looks for apartments, etc. I don't know?! Then there's the actual move and the questions of when do we move our stuff. Now? Or put it in storage here or storage there? AAAAHHHHH it's just so much to figure out. I knew Dealey would change our lives and I've/We've been looking forward to that for 8 long long years but I had no idea he'd have such control before he even got here!


The Benners said...

Thank you for the sweet note you left on my blog!
I totally know what you are going through! It is so hard sometimes having to go through what we have to go through during pregnancy. It's funny, because I never thought that I would have any problems with my pregnancies, although I did gain 60 pounds with my first baby and 40 with my second... then my 2nd baby, Zoe came 10 weeks early!! It was SO SO hard, but made me stronger all at the same time. God never gives us anything we can't handle. He will show you what you should do. I agree that you have some tough decisions, but, even though I don't know you, I know that you'll make the right one. You need to do what feels right to you.
Are they telling you that you will likely go into labor in 6 weeks?
The silver lining is being able to see him more! I got many many ultrasounds of my second child... not quite sure why, as nothing was wrong until I actually had her. But it was amazing to see the changes! I was totally bummed, though because I really wanted to get a color ultrasound. I went in for my appt. but Zoe was not cooperating. She was facing my spine the whole time... I re-scheduled it, but had her before the appt. LOL. I was told that I got the ultimate 3-D images of her. :) Anyway. Like I said, if you need to talk... I am here...


Matt & Rachel said...

Thanks again for the encouragement Shealynn. I wanted to answer your question. The six week mark is when they believe my circlage (sp?) will begin to give out and I will be in danger of going in to labor at any time so they want to admit me so that they can monitor all activity check me daily if necessary be able to stop contractions if they begin, etc. All of that done in hopes of getting me as far along as possible. They are thinking I'll be doing good to get in to the early 30 weeks so that's what we're shooting for....but it will just be a week to week thing.

Allison said...

I love the Maples, and I can't wait to meet the third one. Dealey is just giving you guys a taste of what is to come... ;o)

I don't know how to email you now, but if there is anything at all I can do - let me know. If you need a place to stay, the Duckworth Motel is always available.

Love you, sweet pea!

Aron & Suz said...

Rachel, not sure if you are asking for input or just venting, but I felt like offering my 2 cents, so take it for what it's worth. i vote that you remain in Texas until he is born. I think the idea of being holed up in an unfamiliar NYC hospital is less-than ideal. You want to be in a place that is familiar at this stressful time, a place where you can have company regulary every week. AND, you are totally comfortable with Dr. Speight and being in the hospital, she'll no doubt check on you all the time, so I would take comfort in knowing my doctor whom I know, is there with me the entire time.

If all this wasn't happening, settling into life in NYC would be totally different. I know Matt is the most important person in this pregnancy for you, but realistically, he's not going to be able to be around every day while in NYC (plus you mentioned him traveling quite a bit) and like you said, you'll most likely get lonely and discouraged. Not trying to be a downer, just trying to speak from some experience being in a new place and pregnant (though different in many ways of course).

I'll support whatever you decide, you know that. And I'm eager to visit NYC and help out as much as possible. I love you, friend!

Aron & Suz said...

Oh, meant to mention that I love the new sono pics!! What a cutie already.

patti said...

I think you said it right when you said you had no idea little Dealey would be in charge so fast! They take charge but there is nothing like it.

As far as what to do...go with you mommy gut...I believe it knows the right thing to do.

I'm glad to know that all is going well this week and i love the pics. You'll miss those kicks after he is born. At least, I did. If you need a visit or talk just call. Hugs to you my friend- patti

The Benners said...

Yes, if you can make it to the early 30 weeks, that would be AWESOME! I have a friend who's son was born at 33 weeks. He was in the hospital less than a month, which is awesome! And now, he is happy, healthy, and HUGE! LOL. I know you'll be fine! The Lord is looking after you and little Dealey. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. You take care of yourself! And, send me a message if you want to. :) Take care!