Saturday, February 17, 2007


Okay so I started off on the first night writing what I hope to be a daily journal of our trip to NYC but after the first night I was sick and very tired and just wanted to go to sleep so here's our first day in NYC really the rest of it was spent exploring the city, we spent a ton of time on the subway and looking at neighborhoods and a few potential apartments, except for Tuesday night when we went to see RENT which was awesome and it started in true NYC winter fashion as it began to snow while we were standing in line!

Monday : Day One in NYC

We had the queitest and least like the movies cab ride ever, a very nice ethnic dude drove us to the SoHotel in, you might of guessed SOHO! After checking into our hotel we walked a few blocks in to Chinatown which was quite the adventure! As we got deeper and deeper in to Chinatown there was little if any english being spoken around us and we realized pretty quick while we might find the authentic Chinese food we desire we may be in way over our heads. However had done some research and found our way to the Golden Unicorn where we dove head first in to a world we couldn’t understand at all except for the lovely pictures on the side of the dim sum carts. The food was good yet mysterious in a odd sort of way. We finished lunch and headed towards our first subway ride headed to Times Square once there we hit a few stores saw the most amazing site, a Garett’s Popcorn, that’s right we are going to live in a city that sales fresh hot melt in your mouth Garett’s Popcorn! We stopped for a quick snack and then began a twenty something block hike to what turned out to be a really incredible baby store called Buy Buy Baby where we got to test drive the stroller we’ve had our eye on as well as check out some products we hadn’t seen before. By the time we got done with baby dreaming I was starving so we began our quest for great pizza and found it at Roco’s Pizza, the picture says it all, and we’re still wondering, we did order the small pizza, right? We treked back down to SOHO thinking it must be late and we’ve been up since 3:30 am and our feet were feeling it. We got back to the hotel and got settled and then realized that it was only 6:30 and we have never felt so old in our lives. But we decided it was okay to be old as we had 3 very full days still ahead of us, meetings with new co-workers and lots and lots of apartments.

See what I mean, we ordered a small.........................................................we think?!

Matt and I waiting outside to see RENT on Broadway, if you've never been to a Broadway show I highly reccomend it! Mary Poppins just came out on Broadway and I can't wait to see it! If we look bundled we were it was FREAKING cold in NYC!

The trophy shot of Times Sqaure it was quite fabulous, I can't wait for everybody to come visit us New York if you've never been you're in for a treat, but the great thing is no matter how many times you visit New York it's like a new world with yet another billion things to discover!

The next five pictures are matt having fun in the subway, we did see a Prince look a like we think and a host of other interesting characters providing fun entertainment as we wandered through the maze that is the NY subway!

And finally Matt loves taking pictures of me, I don't know why he knows it makes me want to crawl in to a deep hole but I do love my new NY hat especially mixed with my lovely (yet pale) glow of pregnancy!

So that's a very short version of a very long week in NY, the apartment search is far from over and we are anxious to get through the next few weeks of packing and and goodbyes it's going to be so hard to leave the life I've known for 27 years. But I'm also excited about this new season in our lives! Dreams really do come true!


Steve and Shan said...

looks like we ended up on opposite coasts. and congrats on the kid-to-be. let's converge in dallas sometime this year for a reunion at the pub...and other festivities. ss and ss

Matt & Rachel said...

Steve & Shan...You guys will have to come to NY too, great pubs and restaurants a plenty! You'll have to be sure and let us know when you'll be in Texas, we'll be there sometime in the Fall with baby, but we might be in CA sometime too, we have some friends going out there and with matt shooting mostly in Vancouver it would be a puddle jump for him to come down in to CA, I know it would still be a little bit of a dirve in to CA for you guys, but maybe closer thant Texas! We miss you guys! I'll fiind out from suz what your closest airport is so we can watch for cheap flights.

Tammy A. said...

Oh my gosh! That pizza is huge! That has to be my favorite food. I'm so excited for you. Love the new hat but noticed more that you are glowing!! I just want to giggle I'm so happy for you. Tam

Tammy A. said...
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Aron & Suz said...

Just now getting to read this. First, love, love all the pictures of you!! The last one is totally frameable, Rach. You look gorgeous.

I want to see Mary Poppins on Broadway; that was one of our favorite childhood films. Let's go when i'm in nyc.

patti said...

What great so have the glow. Ok...I'll be checking the blog tomorrow so there better be some news!!!