Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A VERY HAPPY EARLY MOTHER'S DAY : Today at Dealey's school they had a mom appreciation brunch and part of something they did for us was to interview the kids and have them answer questions about Mommy...Dealey's teacher Mrs. Shannon said it was like interviewing someone on Saturday Night Live as Dealey thought he and every answer was hysterical....

Q. How old is your mommy?
A. 30 (he was by far the most accurate of any kid although I think I'd like it better if he thought I was somewhere in the range of 4-14 like all the other moms)

Q. Mommy's favorite food is?
A: Chocolate Cherry Cookies
(I'm not sure where he got this from, but we did make cherry chocolate chip cookies together last week so I guess that's fresh in his mind)

Q. My mommy always says...
A. I don't know (seriously he told Mrs. Shannon I am always saying I don't know and he's so right! It's got to be better than pretending I know anything.)

Q. My mommies favorite thing to do with me is...
A. Take me to church (He likes to make me sound good I guess, although we have been spending a lot of time with our new Life in Deep Ellum family lately.)

Q. I love my mommy because...
A. You're silly Mrs. Shannon, I Just Do!!!

My sweet boy just warms my heart and drives me crazy all in one breath.  After wondering for years if I'd ever get to celebrate Mother's Day it's now a necessary reminder that despite the frustrations of parenting and the sometimes bipolar attitudes that are being flung around the room, I am blessed beyond measure to have two beautiful and healthy boys!