Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Dealey of a Christmas. It was such a joy to be able to make this Christmas something special for Dealey as it will be his last Christmas as an only child. After weeks of waking up happy he decided to wake up totally pissed off on Christmas morning! A perfect morning for the average 2 year old I guess. He refused to get out of bed and wanted Mommy but then kicked me out of his bed when I came in to sit down. Then he asked for Daddy who was promptly shoved out the door upon sight. So then Nana thought she'd try, not sure what he did but we heard him scream. So hey why not let Gaffer give it a go, yeah my dad didn't even make it down the hall way before getting an ear full of 2yearold. So we decided to cover up Santa's gift turn on Jungle Junction and try Matt carrying him out like it was any other morning. As it turns out all he needed was 5 minutes of Jungle Junction to reboot his brain. I guess toddlers are like PC's always in need of updating, repair and the complete reboot at least once a week.

So after we got calmed down first a sweet picture with puffy red eyes then the kitchen was unveiled...

Next play time began, he of course washed his hands first!

Then time for some Christmas morning ice cream....of course! Followed by the perfect pose.

After a relaxing breakfast and some more play time it was time for a much needed nap then off to Nana's for Christmas dinner and MORE PRESENTS! But before we leave the house, we of course need to have car coming out of our eye.

Then before we could get coats and shoes off and settled in it was time to dive into Nana's manger. Unlike Mimi's this one isn't meant to be played with. So quick note to self: we need to get a manger scene Dealey can play with for Nana's house next year!

Before heading home we had a yummy dinner and opened some fun presents, including a pot & pan set for the new kitchen. After some banging of pots, Matt says, maybe we should have looked for a wood which I responded what fun would that be? But before we left Nana's it was time for some trick-or-treating...uh?

And finally back home for some more kitchen play. I guess Dealey had a long day because before long this was the view....head in the oven.

All in all it was a wonderful day and while I'm so ready for Cohen to get out of me and give me my body back it was wonderful to share one last holiday with just the three of us. I definitely think this picture sums up the day perfectly. All smiles!

Matt and I hope each of you had a beautifully wonderful Christmas too. I'd raise my glass to you but Cohen's being stubborn and hanging out inside me so I'll have to raise my glass a little later! But never-the-less here's to another year of family, friend, fun and laughter.


The McKays said...

sounds like a WONDERFUL day. that kitchen rocks! i love the pics of D. the last one is all Matt, don't you think?

wilderlamb said...

Glad you guys had a great day. That is a great boy kitchen! I was wondering if you would be able to find one that wasn't too girly.

Chad and Megan said...

I am madly in love with the picture of Dealey posing with his kitchen! He has his little hip popped out and everything :)