Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank You Suz! (Rev. 11/18)

I got this amazing book in the mail through Amazon the other day and I have no idea who to thank for it. I think this person knows me very VERY well as the book is a children's book but it's based off the idea of typography, and the design is awesome, which just makes my heart flutter. The hard part, I love the book so much I don't know if Dealey or Cohen will ever be aloud to touch it. I guess I'll buy an extra just for me! However I'm still waiting at least another year before I let Dealey get is dirty, snotty, book tearing hands on it, he just might love it to pieces! So if you're reading this person who sent this most awesome book, Thank You! I'd love to thank you more personally as well so GIVE YOURSELF UP!

You can check the book out on Amazon it's called Alphabeasties but here's a few pics to wet your appetite!


eleventhirtysix images said...

i love it!!! what a perfect gift!

The McKays said...

So glad you loved it! Are you sure you didn't see the note? So strange! Xoxo

Rachel Maples said...

Seriously there was nothing in the envelope but the book, I even made matt look in there and through the book and my mom looked too, nothing...so weird!