Saturday, October 17, 2009

SHOWING OFF....I got the opportunity to see Cohen a few days ago and see how he was growing. I'm measuring about a week bigger than average and he's weighing about 2lb 40z! He was so busy this sonogram much more than Dealey ever was. He started off in a fairly normal position. He's moved to the side to side position and was just kind of floating on his back hanging out but as the tech began moving around and looking at him he started his show. Before long the tech was cracking up which started me laughing about half way through his acrobatic show he straightened his legs out with his feet over his head and was bouncing them up and down, it was hysterical and then his final position he folded them slightly and rested his knees on his chest and relaxed there for the remainder of the sonogram....check out this active little boy.

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The McKays said...

seriously, he is so limber. i bet your belly is getting quite the workout. xoxo