Saturday, September 05, 2009

THE DAY HAS find out what we're having. I can't believe how nervous and anxious I am. Matt says he doesn't care what we have, that a boy would be fun for Dealey but a girl would be a fun new adventure. I really want a girl, I haven't been too quite about that but obviously I'd be happy either way. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say I'll be a little bit sad if it's a boy because I'll have to come to the realization that I'll never get to experience what it's like to have a daughter. No cute clothes or fun hair, no one to teach how to do make up no prom dresses to buy and most sadly no wedding to help design....

I also feel a little scared about spending my life with three boys. Boys are dirty and smelly and their feet, let's face it, they're just not right. A girl would be such a nice balance. We'll see, I have lots to do to finish up getting ready for tonight so I better get to work but I can't wait to write again to let you know what it is!

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eleventhirtysix images said...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't supersupersuper excited, lol. This is almost as exciting as finding out my own babies gender. Thank you for giving us all this opportunity!

I still think the cake is going to be green and say "sorry, couldn't tell."