Thursday, July 23, 2009

A TIME OF UNCERTAINTY: The last few weeks have been filled with so many ups and downs and today for me was such a milestone. To see this little baby kicking like crazy on screen. To hear the doctor say baby looks perfect in size and development. To see a strong beating heart. It made everything seem a bit more real. I feel like I can really get excited about this pregnancy now and start thinking about the future with my two beautiful children.

Last little hurdle to make it over is the surgery Monday but it's a pretty easy one and really the only major complication that could happen is if the
dr. accidentally breaks my water but she's the best and she did amazing last time and she's knows I expect nothing less of perfection from her.

It looks like we'll be back at 18 weeks (August 20) for a check of the circlage and to find out the sex of the baby. However we're not going to actually find out that day we're going to have the dr. write it in a card and seal it up and I have a bakery that is going to bake us either a blue or pink cake both with white icing and we're going to have a little family get together and we'll cut the cake and all find out together what we're having! It's going be super fun.

I'll write a little update after the surgery Monday but I expect everything to be wonderful.


Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...


Dave and Gloria said...

That is an AWEsome idea! I am going to steal it someday. Hopefully. Maybe I can get a restaurant to make us blue or pink tinted hummus? Haha! Actually, that sounds gross. Nevermind. :) Can't wait to see the color of the cake!!!

wilderlamb said...

I am so excited! What a great idea about the cake too. So glad everything went well. I need to see you soon!

The McKays said...

I have heard of a few people doing the cake idea. I love it!! Excited to hear about your appt!

Chad and Megan said...

oh I can't wait!!!