Monday, August 25, 2008

a stupid little thing called my therapist today gave me homework to write down reasons i should care about myself, love myself and believe that i have self worth. sigh. needless to say it's a horrible assignment and i'm left scratching my head and cussing his name. no i'm not asking you to tell me why i should give a rats ass about myself but i am curious why other's love themselves and believe in their self worth. if you don't want to leave it as a comment you can always email me but either way, how do people love themselves?


Anonymous said...

Rachel- As your assignment is a “self-examination” exercise, it is designed to have you get out of your "comfort" zone and recognize your self-worth. One's self worth is often measured by success and status. Please be careful with your assignment, because I do not believe this to be the true definition of self worth. Self worth is measured by your self-esteem. You control your self-esteem; therefore, you control your self worth, not someone else. In answering your question, I would start to define my self-love and self-worth at the core of my life…with God. Second, I would define my self-love and self-worth by my family and friends. To be honest, all other things are minimal at best for helping me with my personal examination. But, if you would like to have some guidance on where to begin your examination of your own self-esteem, please start with the following: 1) you are an amazing person, 2) you are an amazing wife, sister, and daughter, 3) you are an amazing mother, and 4) you are an amazing and talented artist. I hope some of your self-worth can be discovered through the love so many people have for you, Matt, and the Dealey monster. We love yall and are praying for yall…Chad.

David, Amelia & Jacob said...

How do you show yourself that you love yourself? That's a totally loaded question.

I try to give myself every saturday night for self-pampering - the works, nails, hair, eyebrows, facial - all of the stuff that makes me look good on the outside. Sometimes if I think I look good on the outside then it helps just a little bit on the inside. It sounds crazy, but just try it. Things can be going to hell in a hand-basket, but girl if your hair and nails look good it's easier to take.