Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more blocks it is....i finished these for a client ( and friend ) of matt's and mine, leeann. they came together nicely and while all my other blocks have been fun and colorful. leeann's had an element of elegance to them the other's didn't it was kinda cool. the plan square might seem weird to some but they each had a square and her husband works on jets so that's his and the fluer d le is for her. i'm so done with blocks for a while although i have two more projects in mind for the future but for now i don't even want to hear the word blocks for a while...sigh those darn blocks who's idea where these things anyway?


patti said...

you may be tired of them but i'm not tired of seeing your creations. :)

whose idea anyway..tee hee...we needed your vision to do ours!

~ wmz said...

so I guess it's probably not a good time to tell you I had blocks cut @ Lowes today! lol I'm diving in! These two recent sets turned out beautiful!

Aron & Suz said...

amazing! perfect.