Monday, August 18, 2008

creating a place of solitude : i've been working on a room at our house that's all my own, my office. a quite place to run away to, to work, to paint, to sew, to play the piano or to just be. I hope to find much peace in my own little slice of solitude. I've already begun my first piece of artwork my first original painting (yes i'll post a pic) and set down and played my piano a number of check out a few pics the poem on the wall i wrote while in the hospital.


patti said...

uhhhh awwww....yes, i'm jealous. What a great area. I love the desk/shelf...did i see it in the ikea catalog?

there are going to be a lot of great stuff created in that room!

Shealynn Benner said...


Having your own sanctuary is such a great thing!! I miss the space I had in NC.

Aron & Suz said...

it looks really wonderful, a safe haven. serene. nice kitty touches to make it your own.

ps: and i'm proud of you for having a new pic of yourself at the bottom. it's stunning!