Friday, May 16, 2008

11 months old : and we're sick. Yup this morning and day has been interesting. D didn't want to get up this morning he ended up sleeping until 10:30 and the only reason he got up is because I got him up. I dressed him and we headed to Suz's for a trip to IKEA. Well, we get there and go straight to the bistro to get our food, get the kids settled and then it begins. I mean Dealey seemed off to me but he didn't have a fever just seemed really mellow and lethargic for him. But right as we sat down he began to throw up and I have never seen that much liquid come out of him, his clothes were drenched, seriously Suz ran a grabbed napkins and we started cleaning and cleaning trying to get it all up, then we stripped D down to his diaper and he seemed to be better. Then I decided he had to be cold and yes, what you're thinking is right. I had no extra clothes so my kid was in the middle of the IKEA bistro in nothing but his diaper. Luckily Suz had an extra little hoodie for Mag's so we but it on D it was brown which is neutral with this nice little ruffled edge it was fabulous. We left shortly after that and headed home. Now D is sleeping which is all he's done today and after a chat with the nurse at his dr.'s office he's on pedialite through today and as long as he keeps it down then tomorrow morning we can try some cheerios and a half strength formula bottle. So needless to say I haven't gotten a bumbo pic yet today but maybe when Matt gets home and can help me.

Other new developments. D is one crazy chatter box and tells us the most fantastic stories all the time. He moves around like a mad man and will take a few steps now only holding one hand instead of two (he still prefers two, but he'll indulge us every once in a while). The big one...he is FEARLESS trying to climb anything and everything. He's eating everything well, he's had his first brisket, spaghetti & a chick-fil-a nugget this month! He's a very happy growing boy. He won't go in for a check up until he's 12 months but we guess he's grown about 2 inches in the last two months and is holding steady at about 20-21lbs.

I can't believe he'll be 1 in just a month! It's very exciting for sure we are loving this stage but are looking forward to what's to come. Watch for his pics later today or tomorrow.


Shealynn Benner said...

Happy 11 months D!!! Sorry you aren't feeling well. :( no fun. Big handsome boy you are! ;)

Aron & Suz said...

re-reading our adventure today made me realize how crazy it was! poor D, seriously. it's so no fun when your kid is sick. :( i hope tonight and tomorrow are better for him. and btw--he rocked the ruffles. xoxo

Andi and Michael said...

Hope D is feeling better.