Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, it's been a busy couple of months but this week was the busiest yet. We worked day and night to get the house ready for Thea's baby shower. It was an honor to get to do this for her but I'd be lying if said I wasn't glad it was over. Here's some pics form the shower and you can get a few glimpses of the house. I'll do another post this week with some before and after pics of the rooms we've done the most work in. I have to say Thea's friends know how to make a girl feel special. A couple of them thought that we brought a chef in to do the food and one other girl came up to me and said my house looked like it was out of Dwell gave me the energy to get through the rest of the shower, what sweet things to say!

The guest sign in for the shower was fun I had each guest sign a rock that was put in a vase for Thea, not an idea I came up with, not sure where I saw it but it was a cute and fun way for Thea to remember her shower guest.

This is the food table (and our dinning room) but, before I got all the food out.

One of the greatest things about the shower was the cupcakes from Sprinkles. Red Velvet...yummy!

This is Thea reading the card from Deals, it said, "Hey Ethan, Deals here. I've made it my personal mission to make you the best dressed kid in the orchestra! Can't wait to give the parental units heck!...BFF Dealey"

Just one of the cute outfits Deals got Ethan.

Me and Matty found a brief second to capture our smiles during the shower. We were so happy to have a household of people.

And finally the Dealey bear and my brother Ross, hanging after the shower.

Oh and I wouldn't be much of a mom if I didn't mention that Deals finally cut his first tooth, we actually think there are two coming in. One on top and one for sure on bottom! yeah the buckets of drool are finally paying off! Yeah!


Aron & Suz said...

i cannot believe you have already blogged about this! good for you. the house looks amazing; Thea looks totally happy and lovely. i think it's so fun that her seat was the rocking chair you recovered. perfect! the house looks AMAZING. and the pic of you and Matt is beautiful; you both look great. hooray that D cut his first tooth...we were just talking about that. :)

Shealynn Benner said...

Nice pictures, and NICE HOUSE! Glad to see more pictures of it! Can't wait to see more! Congrats D on cutting teeth. :) There will be more of that!! Rach!! That picture of you and Matt is SO GREAT! Your hair looks wonderful!! Kisses!

patti said...

What a are the hostess with the mostess!
Everything looks beautiful and the wall color looks great.

D looks so cute in that pic with your brother...gotta love little boys! G will have to teach him to show his muscles.