Thursday, January 31, 2008

I used to get 100 things done in one day, now I'm lucky to get 5. Not sure how I feel about that. How do you find the balance? How do you become okay with not completing the other 95 things? How do you justify what gets done and what doesn't and on that daily to do list is just the simple task of sustaining life and some days I think it may not happen at least not for me. Deals will be fine, feed and happy, I guess that's all that matters now, not a bad thing by any means but at some point the pressure and feeling of, well, failure will get the better of me.


Shealynn Benner said...

Girl, we all go through this! Zoe is starting to sleep less! [gasp]. So, I get less done. But... you know what? It will all be there tomorrow! We as moms often feel failure at some point, and if someone tells you otherwise... hmmm. They may be telling a fib. We all pretend to have it all together, but we truly don't. Kids take priority over everything else, so just do what you can. Don't worry too much girly! You'll get the hang of it. It took me 2 years to get the "hang of it" with Angelina! You Are Not Alone! ;]

Love ya!

patti said...

We need to get together and talk. :)

David, Amelia & Jacob said...

Let me know if you need an "assistant" girl, you know you are awesome and I'll help anyway I can.