Thursday, December 13, 2007

Matt's sister Megan & her husband Chad had their baby Ella Grace Copeland on Tuesday evening and we are so freaking excited. It was a little sad because Meg had StrepB and spiked a 102 fever during labor so because of precautions Ella was taken to the NICU for 48 hours of antibiotic it's crazy to walk into the NICU and they had her hooked up to a few thing but unlike the other parents/families in there we were all still happy because Ella is healthy, she just wanted to be fashionably late like her momma and figured she should start life off that way and what little girl isn't a bit high maintenance huh?!

Welcome Ella your Uncle Matt, Aunt Rachel &
favorite Cousin Deals love you so much already!

This is proud dad Chad, he faked us out a few times before this during Meg's 2 hours of pushing just to be mean, we think, hee! But the final time he had too big of a smile on his face we knew our little Ella was here!

We weren't able to get pics from Ella's first minutes so these are
the day after, but Meg and Ella were bonding, the hat cracks me up,
one of the nurses made it for her so she could be all girled out!

Ella was all smiles when Uncle Matt first picked her up....

But then she wasn't sure who the heck the dude was and gave Matt a look that we know all too well. We get it from D regularly but I think he's thinking, crazy people can't you stay in one place for two seconds, it's nearly a look of disgust at times :oO

Matt and Meg must have gotten into a deep conversation and Ella had to let them know, hello crazies I'm still here"!

The whole day wasn't full of tears though, D spent almost the entire day at the hospital and was such a trooper, but the real excitement came when Matt's cousin Tabitha and Aunt Jeri showed up. They usually bring the party and they had D laughing hysterically. Who knew balloons could be so funny?! I think we'll get a room full of them!

And boy do balloons taste yummy! We are definitely at the see object open mouth stage!


Shealynn Benner said...

Awww! Congratulations to them! What a little cutie! :) Sorry about the NICU part! I know how crazy it is in there! I have been there. LOL. And, Deals! What a cutie!

patti said...

how fun and eventful...i'm sure you all will remind her of such things for years to come. making memories with family

Aron & Suz said...

great shots and congrats on being a new auntie!! maggie and ella share a birthday, too. :)