Tuesday, October 02, 2007

: Texas Fun :

Well, I'm finally getting settled in from a wonderful, but busy and "interesting" trip to Dallas! I have tons of pictures to share, we got to see some wonderful friends and family and some of the most exciting news, my brother Ross and his wife Thea are expecting their first baby, due May 2! It's so fun that we are all having our kids close together it will make for crazy but fun holiday times! We have much more to share in the coming weeks so check back, also D's first kiss and video to come later! Thanks to everybody in Dallas for your hospitality, good talks and lots of fun! I have more pics from the last few days of our trip but I haven't even downloaded them off the camera yet...sigh...I'll do it soon!

D's first time to truly play with anything...and it was a freaking volleyball, of course Matt was totally stoked but I kept telling D kick the volleyball and he did so there's still hope for soccer...

D discovering his elephant we call him "Speckles"!

D loved Mrs. Glynda of course he has seemed to take a liking to most the girls! Our little player!

D with Pastor Bojangles! He threw up on him at lunch...hee hee...I couldn't help but laugh!

D's buddy Pierce! Pierce is 6 weeks younger than D but about the same size he's tall and lean too and with a name like pierce I still maintain he will kick my kids butt some day!

D discovers Speckles the elephant....again....it's too funny every time he sees him it's the first time!

Hanging at GGMA's! We surprised her and she was shocked, but loved spending time with her great grandson! It was the best time.

Like I said we saw lots more friends and family and unfortunately didn't get pics with everybody I need to get a picture of my brother and sister and law for sure maybe coupled with their first sono picture to come this week! Check back for updates and more on upcoming changes in our world!

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Shealynn Benner said...

Oooh congrats to your brother and sister in law! Yay for babies! :) I thought I was pregnant again for the past couple of days, but unless God wants to "bless" me with my period and a pregnancy, I am not. Kinda bummed, actually. A part of my wants another baby... maybe a boy this time. LOL. Good luck to me convincing Mike on that one! ;)
Glad to hear that your trip to Texas went well! I am sure it was great going back and seeing everyone meet your son! How great!