Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I never really see how much D has grown until I do these monthly pics. I didn't think there would be much of a difference from 3-4 months but he's really filled out a lot and is looking more and more like a little boy & a big brother! What's new.....

1. D loves to talk and I mean loves, he'll go on and on for 30 minutes or more and his sounds have expanded however he hasn't picked up ma or da yet but my guess the next month will produce even more new sounds!

2. D's first tooth has started to break surface which is totally cool in so many ways and the discover of this has explained some recent discontentment.

3. He's getting better and better at reaching and grabbing objects you place in front of him and of course once grabbed any and every object goes towards the mouth.

4. Sleeping has gotten much better he's sleeping 11 hours at night now (yeah!) and taking two hour and half naps during the day. Of course it can vary from day to day but he's always taking at least one nap and I feel lucky when I get two but it is becoming a little more frequent!

5. He responds so great to Matt and I especially in the morning we go in and roll him over to his back and have a little play time and he just smiles and smiles, hasn't quite gotten the laugh figured out but we get a little sort of laugh every once in a while!

Lots of other stuff going on and I'm hoping he enjoys the road trip to Dallas as much as he did at one month old. I also hope he adjust well to the changes. I keep telling him he better get used to change daddy and mommy are nuts! hee! We're off to the doctor on Thursday so I'll post new stats then!


patti said...

YIPPPPPEEEE!! 11 hours of sleep...you go little D...keep it up for mommy so she can get some good sleep.

Aron & Suz said...

i love the newest bumbo pic. he totally looks like a little man. he is a chatter box it sounds like. he and mags will talk up a storm once we become neighbors.

Shealynn Benner said...

4 months old ALREADY!?!? Holy Cow!
Our kids are growing like weeds!
Zoe will be a one TOMORROW!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I can not believe it! :) can't wait to hear more about this new little bun in the oven! :)

Dave and Gloria said...

He sure does look like a little man-- he's getting handsomer by the day!!!