Saturday, September 08, 2007

: new friends :
: great food :
: beautiful park :

Today (Saturday) was one of the best days we've had since moving to NY. My new friend Christine set up picnic so Matt and I could meet some of her and Stephen's friends and they could meet us and we were also able to invite our neighbors from across the street. We met at this great park called Snug Harbor and had the most fabulous picnic, we ate great food and talked and got to know each other. We've definitely made some new friends and tomorrow we're all headed to Manhattan for a huge all day concert in Battery Park, however Matt keeps reminding me we must be back by kick off, we can't miss the Cowboys/Giants game...I just keep doing whatever I'm doing and say yeah yeah, I know....hee hee, I'm oh so glad football seasons here!

Our new friends shown below are Tony & Leslie and their little girl Kalla (not sure on the spelling, she's 6 months old), Tamara and her friend Beth and Hugh & Arlene, their little boy Gabriel and little girl Ariana who was born just two days before Dealey (they are our neighbors across the street and aren't pictured not sure how that happened), then Christine & Stephen and little Eva who we met not that long after we first moved here. Lots of fun, it's nice to meet other people who have kids that we can hang out with it and they are all big foodies so I am excited and motivated to get the last of our boxes unpacked and the apartment set up so we can start having dinners, the first one a tapas & wine party....I can't wait!!!!!! I feel like it may all be okay after all...

Oh and when we told D here comes Eva it was too funny that his reaction was to start drooling! I think he's going to be the little boy that chases the girls around and ask for kisses, I smell trouble!

From left to right: Christine, Tony holding Kalla, Beth, Tamara, Stephen's back, Leslie & me

Gorgeous little Eva (almost 4 months old)

Beth holding the oh so cute Kalla!

Snug Harbor...

Me and D, see he's already quite the character!

From left to right: Tamara, Leslie & Tony

Stephen holding Eva, Matt holding D, Beth holding Kalla & Tony's head!

Snug Harbor is absolutely beautiful it has a butterfly garden, a herb garden, botanical garden, a little secret garden for the kids that's a cool maze but it's all kid height so parents can see kids but the kids can't see over the bushes that make up the walls of the maze. A huge outdoor stage and very cool 9/11 memorial, a huge children's museum that has cool programs all summer long and through out the year, a community theater and an art studio where you can take classes that also has a gallery. The park is beautiful year round and I hope to take anybody there who comes to visit. There's also a cool little cafe and a Japanese sculpture garden in the park that we haven't been to yet but plan to explore in the comeing days, weeks & months.


Shealynn Benner said...

Wow! That is so great that you are making so many friends! I have lived in North Carolina more than 2 years, and haven't made but 2 friends, and even that is questionable. LOL. Wow, I am pathetic! I am so happy that you 2 are making friends, though! It can make the transition to a new place so much easier!

Aron & Suz said...

I am SO proud of you, friend. This looks like an amazing time. A day in Manhatten sounds fantastic, too. Dude, I found the greatest tapas place here so if we are back in this city together ever, we must go! They have this toasted eggplant which was freakin' awesome.

Jennifer and Michael said...

It is so good to see you putting yourself out there. What happened to the Rachel I used to know? The change looks ood on you. NY must be great to meet people since people there can be from all over. I have determined that living in a small town people here don't have room for any more friends. They have high school buddies, college friends, cousins, siblings, and parents, which leaves no room for newbies. I think that the next time we move it will be back to a big city.

Kim and JD said...
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Kim and JD said...

It was great to talk to you today, we cant wait to see you on the 22nd. I am so glad that you are stepping out there and doing things and meeting people. That is awesome. I am with Jennifer, Where is that Rachel we used to know?? Well, I love the new and improved Kitty !! :)