Friday, August 10, 2007


that's what I am! We have been without internet since Wednesday and today I could take it no more, so D and I packed up and headed to Starbucks for some body warming tea and INTERNET! We might have it back by Sunday but not really sure yet. So I responded to a few emails people sent and now I have to run, so if I didn't get to yours I'll try to tomorrow, I have access hear until 4:00 pm....if you need something now, call my cell phone! Pray internet returns soon...PLEASE!

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Aron & Suz said...

sigh, i know how you feel. being without the internet is like being without a limb. ok, not as extreme, but sometimes it can feel that way. glad that you liked the book, btw. mags is really starting to enjoy hers. i love how well is rhymes and my favorite line is: "steak and taters, corn and cake, bunnies get a bellyache." i read the whole book with an accent and i think mags likes this best.