Saturday, June 30, 2007


Tonight we had some good friends come over and bring dinner and hang out for a few hours. After they left Matt and I sat across from each other and talked about the last few years of our lives, the friends we've said hello to and the friends we've had to say goodbye to. As excited as we are about this new season in our life, we are sad to have to say goodbye to so many amazing friends. Friends we've spent hours eating with and laughing with, drinking with and just "doing life" with. It's hard to imagine walking away from all that into a huge city full of more people than you can imagine and no friends. No one to eat with, laugh with, drink with or do life with.

So I wanted to take a moment to say thank you and we love you to all our wonderful, beautiful friends. Each of you has made a difference in our lives, some of you since preschool, other's since middle school and some for the last two years. Regardless of how long you've been apart of our lives you have enhanced and enriched the person we are and inspired us to be better people. We love that life has given us an amazing opportunity and hope that instead of goodbye we can look in the rear view mirror and see each of you joining us in this adventure.

Life is one crazy ride and each of you have made that much more incredible. Know that you each hold a place in our hearts, you and your friendship is appreciated, wanted, needed and loved. We can't wait to show each of you our new home....New York City!


MHS said...

We had a lovely time with you guys. Conversation is always so easy, and so entertaining... and Dealey is such a doll.

We will miss seeing you as often - but we will certainly still be seeing you...

Allison & Jason said...

And that was me... it says MHS b/c I was still logged in under my account I'm using to organize my HS reunion. Ooops. :o)