Thursday, June 07, 2007


This morning started off a little stressful I woke up in a lot of abdominal pain (which I later found out were contractions) this morning but decided not to call the doctor as I had an appointment at 2:00 for my sonogram. I let them know as soon as we got there that I was hurting and not feeling well they monitored Dealey for about 15 minutes and he was doing good, then we went ahead with my appointment which was great Dealey looked great as he has each time he weighed in at 5lbs 90z which is a good weight.

Dr. Patton then felt the need to violate me to check my cervix which is never a pleasant experience he then decided that because of the contractions I was having that my circlage needed to come out today so I went to see my doctor they monitored me for about 20 minutes and I was definitely still having sporadic contractions so she removed my circlage (very violating and PAINFUL) however not as painful as the contractions....I'm back at home now resting and looking forward to a yummy dinner as ready as I am for baby D to come I really don't want Matt to miss anything so we need to keep him in there until next Saturday....what a crazy pregnancy this has been and it's looking like it'll be throwing us for loops until the end!

My blood pressure is still high but not okay it was obviously high today with the pain of contractions and the circlage coming out and worrying about D being okay but it seems to be staying under control for now so that's a great thing for me and Mr. Dealey!


The Benners said...

WOW! Definitely a crazy pregnancy, but thank God that everything is OK! Are you 34 or 35 weeks now? Either way, he will do GREAT!!! What an awesome weight too! :) Big boy. I will keep you in my prayers! You are always in my thoughts,and prayers, but... well, just nevermind. LOL. Not making sense. As usual. Anyway. Keep us posted, as I am *sure* you will do! :)

Aron & Suz said...

Hang in there! You have made it so far and it's almost all over. I'll be praying that D will wait until Saturday to make his appearance.

Allison & Jason said...

I'm glad you're resting now... don't worry, Matt will be there. I just know it. :o) I can't wait to meet Dealey!

Megan said...

okay I just read that posting about meeting Dealy and I almost cried! He is really coming. I am so excited. My pregnancy hormones are out of control. :)