Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Matt and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary and while the last 8 years have been a beautiful time it's really this next year that we are looking forward to, for obvious reasons! We gave each other cards last night and it was so fun to read them and see that we had said almost the exact same things to each other. I thought it's the simpliest thing but it's so cool that we're definitely on the same page in our love, hope and dreams for each other.

It was a mixed emotion evening though as I talked with a sweet friend of mine a few hours earlier and had found out she had miscarried she was only a week or so behind me. Anxiety and sadness took over my mind and I thought I can't wait until Thursday to hear the heartbeat. A heartbeat itself is an amazing complex thing but the idea that just hearing for a few moments and that will calm all fears and anxieties is so simple and I'm reminded that it's those simple little acts of love, friendship, kindness, support and sometime the workings of a machine that can change our world, literally, in a heartbeat.

Then today I got an email from my dad he sent me this little clip that showed two penguins one was walking by the other and the one standing still just reach up and hit the one walking and it went face first into the water, I laughed my ass off it's so simple but I think part of me thought I bet there's a few time I'd like to do that to someone but the other part of it was just happiness and with my heart so full of anxiety about tomorrow it was this simple little clip that provoked not only this post but a time of laughter and fun that I definitely needed. Thanks dad!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, 8 years! Many congrats. Hearing the heartbeat is so thrilling. I remember being so freakin' anxious to hear it, to just really know that the baby was alive inside me. :)