Saturday, January 20, 2007


I have 26 weeks left and am 35% through the pregnancy....sigh why can't we have a gestation period like dogs 63 days, that's pretty awesome! So the Furman's want another sono pic and the McKay's are asking for prego pics. Unfortunately at our last appointment the sono pic we got doesn't look like much, live and in action it was quite amazing but the picture just looks like a fuzzy black and white tv. As far as prego pics, I don't look pregnant at this point just fat as I did before I got pregnant so it will be several weeks before I start taking pictures! If you looked at this post last week, you saw a black and white picture of a baby, I'm just tired of looking at the picture everytime I pull the blog off so I decided to pull it....hopefully we'll have new pictures to post soon!

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Darcie said...

Enjoying reading the baby updates! Miss you.
~Darcie Lantz