Sunday, January 28, 2007


One more week as passed and this last month has just flown by. It's been so much better than the previous month when it seemed to just drag on and on. I finally have a little bump that Matt and I enjoy giving a little rub each morning as we smile and remember how lucky we are to finally see our greatest dream coming true. So we have 24 weeks left, that's right only 6 months left!!!! We are less than a month from finding out what the sex of our baby is and could not be more excited. I'll either be finding a way to prepare for scary words like "PINK" and the idea of dresses, bows and oh my gosh....LACE? Or preparing myself for "boy stuff" like dirt, bugs and sports out the butt. Either way it will be crazy fun to get ready for this new little person! We've went shopping this weekend to look for our last major purchase a glider and ottoman. My dad is building our crib fashioned after an awesome modern crib I found and Matt's stepmom is making all our bedding and it's going to be so awesome! We didn't buy the chair yet but this is the chair we're looking at but the color will be more in the lime green family nothing to loud or shocking but definitely lime green! Our nursery colors, boy or girl are teal, espresso and lime green. The crib will be white with the espresso accents, the changing table is white and the bedding is a combination of all the colors! I can't wait to know where we are going to be living so I can start thinking through and visualizing the room setup! I also have some fun and funky (you know me) lighting ideas that will be a perfect accent to our babies room!

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